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Each year the Coalition for the Defence of Human Life marks the anniversary of the legalisation of abortion in Western Australia. Last year approximately 800 people of all ages participated in the 12thAnnual Walk and Rally for Life, which was a poignant and memorable evening. It is hoped that even more people will participate in the 13thAnnual Walk and Rally for Life which will be held to lament the loss of approximately 108,000 unborn children killed by abortion in Western Australia since 1998.

The 2011 Walk and Rally for Life will commence at Theatre Gardens, Bagot Road, Subiaco at 7.00 pm on Tuesday, 24th May. (If it looks like it might rain, please bring your umbrella.)

After some introductory comments at the Gardens, participants will walk past King Edward Memorial Hospital, which is the only place in WA approved by the Minister for Health to perform abortions on babies over 20 weeks gestation. Since 1998 approximately 420 babies have been killed at KEMH, most because of some form of disability. Fourteen of these babies were born alive following post 20-week abortions, but left to die.

Participants will walk down Hay Street to Parliament House (about three kilo-metres). Dwight Randall will be chairing the rally at Parliament House, where participants will hear from several pro-life Members of Parliament.

Please make every effort to attend, and to encourage others to do so as well. It is vital that large numbers of Christians publicly oppose the state sanctioned mass-killing of unborn children, or the law will never be reviewed and the killing will continue year after year and decade after decade.

The killing of thousands of children each year is a great injustice. Unborn babies are truly alive and should be offered protection by our laws. As Archbishop Barry Hickey said at last year’s rally, “Let us remember that when a woman is pregnant there are two beating hearts, not one, the mother’s and her child’s. Why should anyone think that they are justified in stopping the beating heart of a child? Incredibly this is called a morally legitimate choice.But how can it possibly be?”

The theme of this year’s Walk and Rally for Life is Abortion Stops a Beating Heart. The rally will conclude by 9.00 pm.

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