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The Rev Fred Nile MLC, leader of the Christian Democratic Party, has rejected the misleading media reports that claim the recent 2009 Federal ALP Conference had continued to uphold traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

“The 2009 ALP Conference finally adopted important changes which undermine traditional marriage and open the door for same-sex marriage at a future ALP Conference or future ALP legislation”, said Rev Fred Nile, pro-marriage campaigner.

Three important changes were made to the Federal ALP Policy Statement.

  1. The statement that the ALP believes “marriage is between a man and a woman” has been deleted.
  2. The description “relationship register” has been removed.
  3. The words that future same-sex union “should not mimic marriage” has been removed.

The ALP Conference also voted to support IVF for lesbians.

Rev Nile said, “The Federal ALP Policy is now committed to enact legislation prohibiting discrimination on the basis of a person’s sexual orientation or gender status and the removal of such same-sex discrimination from Commonwealth legislation. This policy change provides an opportunity for the future amendment or repeal of the Commonwealth Marriage Act definition of Marriage, which states, ‘marriage means the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.’

“Finally, the ALP under the pressure of the Homosexual Lobby has fallen for the greatest hoax of the 21st century, that homosexual issues are simply a human rights issue and should be treated in the same way a racial issue would.

“Hundreds of homosexuals have by choice changed to the heterosexual lifestyle, so homosexuality is a lifestyle and moral issue, not a human rights issue.”

Peter Stokes, Executive Officer of Salt Shakers, agrees that the policy decisions of the 2009 ALP Conference will damage traditional marriage. “All in all, the nation moved closer to the day when same-sex marriage becomes a reality,” he said.

Concerning the Prime Minister, Mr Kevin Rudd, who was at pains to present himself as a family-friendly Christian in the lead up to the last federal election, Mr Stokes said, “Clearly, as we predicted, the faith shown by some Christians in Mr Rudd’s ability to totally control the ALP regarding the creep towards same-sex marriage was naive.”

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