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The parliamentians of Poland have voted 254-151 to end abortion in their country.  On July 4, over 40 parliamentarians rose to speak in favour of the bill that would end the mass murder of the unborn in their country.  The bill was put before parliament after a massive movement of its citizens, along with a petition of 600,000 signatures in two weeks.

The Member, Wojciech Kossakowski called abortion the “modern day slaughter of the innocents.” He said, “How mon-strously egotistical, devoid of the smallest drop of humanity, you have to be to agree to murder under the auspices of law.”

Failure to pass the total ban would be “a tragedy for the nation,” Member Jerzy Rêbek said. “Let us do something beautiful in our lives, let us vote for this bill. Maybe this will be the last good thing that we ever do. I am asking you to do it.”

Member, Ewa Malik of the Law and Justice Party said the bill could be
“a catalyst for moral revolution in our country … and in the future can be transferred to the European ground, to all the countries which have so far presented positions on this issue known as the civilization of death.”


The decision of the Polish Parliament in July 2011 follows the decision of the Hungarian Parliament in April to enact a new Constitution in which Article 2 stated “Human dignity shall be inviolable.Every human being shall have the right to life and dignity; embryonic and foetal life shall be subject to protection from the moment of conception.”

The people and the Parliaments of Poland and Hungary have now taken their stand for morality and life. This is a challenge to the other European nations to stop the killing of their youngest children.

It is also a challenge to the citizens of Western Australia to ask the Parliament to repeal the Acts Amendment (Abortion) Bill 1998 that was passed by the Western Australian Parliament on 28 May 1998. Without doubt this is the worst legislation ever passed by the Western Australian Parliament. It is the first and only time that our Parliament has legalised the killing of an innocent human being. Since then an unborn child has been killed every hour of every day.

Modern genetic scientists have shown that the human embryo is a human being, at the moment of conception, with all the genes that it will have when it is an adult. Such evidence was not presented to the Parliament when the Bill to make it legal to kill an unborn child was debated.

Like the Parliamentarians of Poland and Hungary perhaps the Western Australian Members of Parliament will agree to stop the killing of innocent human beings if the people request the change.

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