In Politics, Same-sex Marriage

Australians have been repeatedly reminded over many months by a sympathetic media of a national enquiry commissioned by the Federal Parliament to gauge support for same-sex “marriage”.But unsurprisingly, the media hardly reported that the Greens (headed by their homosexual leader Bob Brown) were handed a stunning rebuff by the Parliament on 8 July 2011.

When Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young stood to her feet and called “on the Government to support marriage equality for all Australians” the Senate resoundingly rejected the Greens motion on a vote of 31 Noes to 9 Ayes.

During the debate, Senator Hanson-Young falsely claimed “that Australia is one of only a few democratic nations that does not provide same-sex couples with equal marriage rights.” In fact, only 9 countries out of 148 in the world have made the change.

Thanks to all of you who responded to our request in Life News to oppose the Greens radical proposal to legalise same-sex marriage!

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