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While the Liberal-Nationals Coalition won a landslide victory in NSW with a huge majority in the Legislative Assembly, the balance of power in the new Legislative Council (Upper House) will be held by the Christian Democratic Party’s Rev Hon Fred Nile and newly elected MLC Paul Green.

This is important because the Liberal-Nationals Coaliton and Labor both scored very low (44 out of 100) in Family Voice’s pre-election survey that canvassed several issues that are crucial to Christians. The Christian Democratic Party is now in a position to accept, amend or reject legislation.

The final votes were confirmed on Tues-day 12th April 2011 with Paul Green receiving over 135,000 primary votes.

The Rev Fred Nile said “The Christian Democratic Party … has always provided a constructive stabilising influence in the Upper House, so that positive legislation can be passed into law for the benefit of the families of NSW.”

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