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Various polls have indicated an increase in support for the Greens. The Greens themselves are claiming that they are the wave of the future, with voters growing tired of the major parties.

Whether this in fact is the case remains to be seen. But with both a Victorian state election and a Federal election taking place shortly, the Greens will certainly be fielding more candidates. Thus the electorate needs to be aware of just what they will be getting if they decide to vote for the Greens.

If this were merely a bunch of tree-loving folks who want to help us have a nice environment and such things, there may be a case for preferring them. But the Greens of course are far more than that. Indeed, they are involved in a whole range of radical politics and social engineering policies.

The easiest way to see why we should think twice about voting for the Australian Greens is to simply read their policy pages on their website. If anyone doubts the extreme leftist nature of the Greens, a few minutes reading will quickly dispel those doubts.

Indeed, in a short article like this, the best way to demonstrate the ultra-radical nature of this Party is to simply let their own words get a hearing. Thus what follows are large slabs taken directly from the Greens’ own website. It makes for scary reading.

Being a hard-left party with a homosexual leader, it is not surprising that their position on issues of gender and sexuality reads like a wish-list from the radical homosexual activist lobby. The following Goals and Measures come from their Policy D8: Sexuality and Gender Identity”.


The Australian Greens want:

  1. legal and social environments free from harassment, abuse, vilification, stigmatisation, discrimination, disadvantage or exploitation on the basis of sexuality or gender identity.
  2. the legalisation of marriage between two consenting adults regardless of sexuality or gender identity.
  3. de facto relationships to have equal status in law and government policy regardless of sexuality and gender identity.
  4. access, regardless of sexuality and gender identity, to adoption, fostering, artificial insemination and in vitro fertilisation procedures.
  5. the education system to provide age-appropriate information about the diversity of sexuality.
  6. access to the full range of medical and health services required by people with needs related to their sexuality and gender identity.”


The Australian Greens will:

  1. legislate to remove discrimination against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Intersex (LGBTI) people in federal legislation.
  2. require governments and their agencies to consult with LGBTI communities and representative groups on the development of policies and programs that affect LGBTI people.
  3. initiate national anti-discrimination public education campaigns.
  4. legislate to allow marriage regardless of sexuality or gender identity.
  5. introduce legislation to ensure fair and equal treatment under Commonwealth law of all relationships regardless of sexuality and gender identity.
  6. support nationally consistent age of consent laws.
  7. remove convictions for consensual homosexual acts from legal records.
  8. end the inappropriate application of offensive behaviour, indecent behaviour, ‘promotion’ and incitement laws to non-heterosexual acts.
  9. fund services to support and protect LGBTI youth, in particular suicide prevention, peer support, coming out, counselling, and housing services and programs.
  10. establish intersex as a gender recognised by the legal system.
  11. support the provision of accurate information, counselling and referral for individuals with, and parents and carers of, infants with intersex conditions.
  12. support gender assignment for people born with an intersex condition being made only when they are able to express personal sexual identity.
  13. support the granting of political asylum on humanitarian grounds to people persecuted in their own countries on the basis of their sexuality or gender identity.

There it is – the entire homosexual agenda all in one fell swoop. You have it all here: homosexual marriage and adoption rights, the targeting of our children for homosexual propaganda, and tax-payer funded campaigns to promote the homosexual lifestyle.

Of course the Greens are also fully in favour of the killing of unborn children. Abortion rights are mentioned in various places. For example, in the “Policy D5: Women” we find this measure: “20. ensure that all women have access to legal, free and safe pregnancy termination services including unbiased counselling.”

And in “Policy A7: Population” we find this measure: “15. ensure that Australian family planning programs, both domestically and overseas, are adequately funded to deliver services in the context of reproductive health programs which increase the power of girls and women to determine their own reproductive lives, and increase the understanding of men of their reproductive responsibilities.”

Of course “family planning programs” is a euphemism for abortion, and the Greens want this all tax-payer funded, both here and overseas.

The Greens are also into radical globalism, with a heavy emphasis on unelected and unaccountable bodies like the UN. Consider what it says in “Policy E5: Global Governance”. It lists these six points under it section on Principles:

  1. global governance is essential to meet the needs of global peace and security, justice, human rights, poverty alleviation and environmental sustainability.
  2. effective means of global environmental governance are needed to halt and reverse the current trends towards environmental decline across the globe, especially with regard to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate climate change.
  3. the system of global governance must be reinvigorated.
  4. major structural reform is needed to provide stronger, more effective and more representative multilateral institutions.
  5. the leading role of the United Nations (UN) in the maintenance of international peace and security must be recognised and respected by all countries.
  6. the international financial institutions that govern aid, development, trade, and transnational financial movements require extensive reform to enable them to provide global economic justice.

All of which means less national sovereignty, less individual freedom, and more one-world government. We get more of the same in “Policy E4: Human Rights”. Here are some of the measures mentioned:

  1. adopt Australia’s international human rights obligations into domestic law and enact an Australian Bill of Rights.
  2. fully resource the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, expand its mandate to reflect the full range of Australia’s international human rights undertakings and reinstate its capacity to determine Australian human rights complaints.
  3. support, through the United Nations framework, socially just reform, including democratic and economic reforms, in countries where governments are engaged in human rights abuses.
  4. promote and protect the role of the International Criminal Court and encourage all nations, particularly the US, to ratify its statute.
  5. ratify all United Nations Human Rights Conventions, including their optional protocols.
  6. progress the conclusion of an optional protocol to facilitate the examination of individual complaints of violations of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.
  7. oppose the death penalty in all cases and support campaigns for its abolition.

Once again, it is all about unrepresentative globalist bodies taking over from nation-states, including all the foolish groups we have long been fighting against, such as the ICC and the various human rights bodies, and the dangerous proposals, such as a Federal Bill of Rights. And of course get rid of the death penalty while you are at it.

There is really very little from the agenda of the radical left that is not found here. The Greens have clearly aligned themselves with the far left, and if elected in sufficient numbers, could cause real damage to this nation and its Judeo-Christian principles. What more can be said? Think twice before voting Green.

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