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In a media release on 6 June 2007, the State Director and Senate Candidate for the Christian Democratic Party in Western Australia, Gerard Goiran, expressed support for the stance taken by Archbishop Hickey in the Human Embryo Bill debate currently before the WA State Parliament.

Archbishop Hickey has been reported as saying that Catholic MPs who would vote in favour of the Bill should not take part in Holy Communion.

“I am a Protestant Christian and think that all church leaders of all denominations, not just religious leaders in the Catholic Church, should support what Archbishop Hickey has said.

“I think this is not a matter of undue interference by the Church in the affairs of State; we are talking about the sanctity of human life. Christian leadership is not just about delivering sound biblical sermons; it is also about keeping unity in the faith. Sometimes, to achieve this, it is necessary to exercise discipline.

“None of us would object to an army general disciplining his troops to achieve a particular outcome. In the same way therefore, the Christian Church needs to exercise strong discipline in a loving and caring way to bring back its erring members to the truth of the Word of God,” Mr Goiran said.

The Christian Democratic Party only endorses pro-life candidates and will run a full Senate and House of Representatives candidate team in each electorate at the forthcoming election.

The party is encouraging all Christians to contact their Member of Parliaments and urge them to oppose the Bill in its entirety.

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