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Since March 2009, when Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister, Australia has directly funded abortion services through overseas aid grants to abortion provider Marie Stopes International (for abortions in Mongolia and Cambodia), ChildFund (in Ethiopia), International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and International Planned Parenthood Federation (South Asia).

The justification for funding abortion through overseas aid is linked to racist views.

Marie Stopes (after whom Marie Stope International is named) and Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, were eugenicist and racist bigots of the worst kind as the quote below illustrates:

It is said that the aboriginal Australian, the lowest known species of the human family, just a step higher than the chimpanzee in brain development, has so little sexual control that police authority alone prevents him from obtaining sexual satisfaction on the streets.*

Australian aid funds should be directed at positive measures to improve the health of women and their children not expended on abortions, which kill unborn children and harm, and sometimes kill, women.

*Margaret Sanger, “What Every Girl Should Know,” New York Call, 29 December 1912,

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