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Talitha Dall recently spoke at the Rally for Life on 12th May at Parliament House. Last November, at 20 weeks into her pregnancy, after a routine sonogram, Talitha was informed that her baby boy had severe disabilities incompatible with life. She did not choose to abort, but to love, her child. Her story is both heart-rending and inspirational.

Before my son Joshua was born last December, the doctors labelled him, “not compatible with life”. But while I carried him he sucked his thumb, yawned and practiced somersaults just like his siblings did. Last I checked, only living things could do those things. We refused to terminate, giving Joshua every possible chance to live his life to the fullest. While his life may not have been long, he was certainly compatible with love. And love him we did!

Joshua lived for 7 months and died in his own time with almost 150 people attending his funeral.

I am so proud of my boy, and grateful for the time we had together. His life truly was a blessing, and I’m honoured to have known him.

To women, I know the grief of having a “not compatible with life” diagnosis. I know how a torn heart feels and how hard it is to breathe at times, but abortion isn’t the answer, love is. Build pillars of support around yourself. For me, the love and care that Pregnancy Problem House showed me was invaluable. I can’t speak highly enough of them.

To the politicians out there, firstly I want to encourage you. You are in a thankless and pressured job, often in the public eye, but I’m so grateful for the difference you do make. I know you are afraid. I know that you agonise over your decisions. I also know that you became a politician because you wanted to make a difference.

I tell you that it only takes one man with courage. In the words of Jim Hightower, “The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow.” Be strong and very courageous. Do you remember why you came to parliament? To do justice. Defend the women and children. Be a voice for those who have none. Now is your time. Please stand.

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