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I was recently advised that World Vision, while carrying out a massive aid program to Aceh and Indonesia in response to the tsunami, also donated thousands of Muslim prayer mats to Muslim recipients of aid.

Without deprecating the enormous value of the humanitarian work done by World Vision to otherwise destitute people, the above fact, if true, causes me a great deal of alarm.

First, I interpret this action as a declaration that World Vision has become a purely secular organisation. Secondly, to contribute to another creed and the worship of another god is a flat denial of the uniqueness of Christ and a denial of the very motive of Christian charity of the givers, from which the aid historically arose and economically flows.

I do not subscribe to any notion that Christian charity or aid should have strings attached to elicit quasi conversions. However Christian donors can surely expect that the world knows that this aid comes largely from Christians. I submit that, if true, the sending of Muslim prayer mats is a misuse of Christian donors’ money of which many may not approve if they knew.

Perhaps some representative of World Vision will refute these facts, or if true, acknowledge these facts to disabuse supporters of any notion that World Vision is a uniquely Christian organisation. If the above facts are true, perhaps the organisers of World Vision will promise to revoke this policy of appeasement of other gods and promptly say so to reassure Christian donors.

– name supplied

Reprinted by permission from letters to the editor, New Life, 9 February 2006
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