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This is the sixth article that Life Ministries has printed since 2010 opposing the Barnett Liberal Government’s plans to legalise prostitution. It is crucial that we continue to oppose these plans.

On Thursday, 16 August 2012 I sat in the public gallery of the Legislative Assembly as it had been announced that the Prostitution Bill 2011 would be brought on for debate. I wanted to identify with MPs opposing the Bill.However, the debate was postponed until, at earliest, mid September.

With the resignation of Christian Porter as Attorney General because of his intention to shift from state to federal politics, Michael Mischin has now been appointed as the new Attorney General. Mr Mischin has assumed responsibility for the prostitution Bill. However, because he is in the Legislative Council (Upper House) and the legislation will first be debated in the Legislative Assembly (Lower House), it is understood that John Day, member of the Legislative Assembly and Minister for Planning; Culture and Arts; Science and Innovation, will oversee the legislation in the Assembly. (Christians have not forgotten that Mr Day played a significant role in the passage of the Acts Amendment (Abortion) Bill 1998, which has resulted in the state sanctioned killing of over 100,000 unborn children.)

As the debate in the Legislative Assembly could start as early as 11 September, we urge you to once again make known your unequivocal opposition to the legalisation of prostitution in Western Australia.It is vitally important that many of our readers respond now.Even if you have already written, phoned or talked with your MP over the past two years, it is crucial to do so again. We are rapidly approaching the final stages of this battle to prevent the licensing of young Western Australian women for prostitution, and the establishment of legalised brothels that will seek to entice single men to fornicate and married men to commit adultery without any consideration whatsoever to the heartbreak and harm this could cause.

Therefore, please contact your MP again.A failure to act now could be interpreted by MPs who support the Bill as grounds for pushing ahead, and by MPs who oppose it as community apathy or complacency.

Please continue to advocate that the Prostitution Bill 2011 be amended so that it is consistent between residential, commercial and industrial areas, i.e. that it remains illegal in all areas.  If the Prostitution Bill 2011 cannot be amended, then it must be defeated.

Please recruit as many people as you can to oppose this Bill in its present form.  Help them to understand that voting for a bill to legalise prostitution even temporarily and in limited numbers is still voting to grant the approval of the state for a brothel owner to recruit women to work as prostitutes and to make money from the sale of those women’s bodies to men. No person who believes in the inherent dignity of women should ever support such a bill.

And lastly, please pray that the Bill will either be amended so that prostitution remains illegal, or that it will be defeated.

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