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After the Food and Drug Administration reported two additional deaths resulting from the use of the RU 486 abortion drug, pro-life groups and lawmakers again declared the drug unsafe and called for it to be taken off the market.

Two abortion practitioners are surprised by the deaths and say the drug shouldn’t be used.

Peter Bours, an abortion practitioner in Portland, Oregon, says he’s surprised by the two new deaths—bringing the total number of women in the US who have died to seven.

“None of these women should be dying; it’s shocking,” Bours told the New York Times. He added that he’s rethinking whether he should continue giving women the abortion pill.

Warren Hearn, one of the few abortion practitioners in the nation to do less safe late-term abortion, said the latest information about the women’s death prove RU 486 abortions are riskier than surgical abortions. …

He called the RU 486 abortion drug “a lousy way to perform an abortion.”

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