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Yesterday, when I woke early

with that pain and got up and got

no relief, I thought of death,

my death. This is it, I thought.


And I felt grief for my family

and friends. My two young sons

especially—fatherless in their

formative years. But mostly


I felt shame, an overwhelming

shame that I would soon meet

my Saviour with so little to give

in thanks. Inexcusably little.


Today the pain has gone, but

not the shame. Oh, dear Jesus!






Little birds, I bet

it’s fabulous not having

upfront to forget

yesterday before facing

a new day without regret.


          “Pain” & “Innocence” © Andrew Lansdown


These two poems (from Andrew’s new collection, Fontanelle, Five Islands Press) were broadcast on ABC radio on the 4th and the 9th of June as part of a 40 minute feature on Andrew’s poetry. The programme, titled “I Could Teach Bamboo About Emptiness: The Poetry of Andrew Lansdown”, can be heard on ABC Radio National’s website at:
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