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The Dispossessed – Stories

Interactive Press in Queensland has published a collection of short stories by Andrew Lansdown. Titled The Dispossessed, the book contains 23 short stories (179 pages), all of which have been previously published in various literary magazines and anthologies. Some, such as “Like I Bin Crying Sometimes”, have been broadcast by both ABC and BBC radio. The BBC even translated one story, “The Lepers”, into Mandarin for broadcast to China.

On the book’s back cover, Lauren Daniels (judge, IP Picks 2005) states: Lansdown investigates a myriad of themes … With settings ranging from wartime to a women’s prison to feral pig territory coupled with solid, memorable characters of true depth and desire, these stories reach out to a wide audience with the grace, wit and wisdom of an introspective storyteller.

Warrior Monk – Poems

Picaro Press in New South Wales has published a small collection of poems by Andrew Lansdown. Titled Warrior Monk, the chapbook contains 22 haiku sequences (24 pages), all of which have been previously published in newspapers such as the Weekend Australian and the Canberra Times, and in literary magazines such as Blue Dog and Quadrant.

The haiku is a traditional Japanese poetic form consisting of three lines and 17 syllables. Warrior Monk contains 91 haiku arranged according to subject, theme or mood into 22 sequences.

On the chapbook’s back cover, Lyn Reeves (haiku poet), states: The language, sensibility and crafting are that of a skilled and sensitive poet imbued with the haiku spirit. Lansdown has used the formal structure in such a way that the framework is invisible—the strength is in the eloquence and elegance of the poems.


Both books are available from Life Ministries at the following costs:
The Dispossessed – $27.00 (post paid in Australia)
Warrior Monk – $5.00 (post paid in Australia)
The Dispossessed & Warrior Monk together – $30.00 (post paid in Australia)
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