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Life News is a bi-monthly magazine edited by Andrew Lansdown for Life Ministries. It offers information and insight on a range of important moral, social, theological and devotional issues. Although it is aimed at Christians, it often deals with issues in a way that can be appreciated by non-Christians and usually contains an article explaining the way of salvation.

Life News (along with the occasional pamphlet, booklet or current issues paper) is posted free-of-charge (within Australia) to individuals and churches on the Life Ministries mailing list.

We would like to raise two matters for your consideration concerning Life News.

1. Life News will be a more effective magazine if it is read more widely. Do you know other people who would profit from reading Life News? If so, please post or email their names and addresses to us here … and we will gladly add their names to our mailing list. With your help we can increase the distribution of Life News significantly.

2.Life News costs money to produce and post. Life Ministries bears this cost, but we would be grateful if you could help us with a donation.

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