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Abortion is a horrible, grisly business that offers no real solution to women and their families. Abortion “clinics” are all about profit without a care for the consequences of a termination. Women suffer terribly in terms of their mental health, in terms of suicide rates, increases in breast cancer, loss of marital stability and the guilt they carry for the rest of their lives.

Over the 25 years that prayer vigils have been held outside the Nanyara abortion clinic in Rivervale and the Marie Stopes abortion clinic in Midland, hundreds of women have decided to choose life. They have been persuaded by the presence and prayers of compassionate people from 40 Days for Life (Perth) and Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.

Unfortunately, the Coronavirus stopped the Lent Vigil on its 27th day this year when police cancelled the permit to assemble on that day. It is disturbing that while we were prohibited from praying, the clinics themselves were allowed to continue to operate because the State Government considers abortion an essential service.

It is more alarming yet that a Bill is currently being written for introduction to the Western Australian Parliament by those who oppose our work, and will be presented to Parliament perhaps early in the new year. This Bill is the so-called “Safety Zone” Bill and is intended to create a large “bubble” around the entrance to abortion facilities in which our prayers and our presence will be prohibited. This bubble has been referred to by Senator Nick Goiran as the “Save Zone” because it is the area in which mothers choose life for their children at the last moment before entering the facility. We believe the Bill is unnecessary and anti-Christian and we pray it does not pass into law.

w Are you considering attending a Prayer Vigil? As the situation is so fluid it is best to ring the Right to Life Association of WA office in the first instance. The number is 92217117 or 0417184789.

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