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Andrew Lansdown

Through our publications, Life Ministries has tried to give our readers truthful and insightful analysis and commentary on many contemporary issues. Now that Life News will no longer be published, we hope to continue to do this in a limited way through our website.

Happily, there are today many fine institutions to which Life News readers can turn to find sound commentary. I highly recommend the following ministries, organisations and publications. Details of their missions and perspectives can be found on their websites, all of which contain fine, informative articles. In many instances, you can sign up to receive daily or weekly updates by email. 



The Colson

What Would You 

Australian Christian

Family Voice

The Barnabas


Life Site

Front Page 


Life Ministries (website ongoing) –

If you wish to follow my writings, you can read my articles on the website of Life Ministries and Quadrant magazine, and you can read my poetry and fiction on my own website –

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