In Same-sex Marriage

Shortly after the election of Julia Gillard to the position of Prime Minster and the establishment of a Labor/Greens government, fearing that we could lose the battle to protect marriage, I wrote, “Julia has stated that Labor will not support gay marriage. While marriage is safe for now, it is worrying that Julia is not driven by a conviction that marriage must be preserved. She has previously indicated that a change in public support for gay marriage could result in a change in her position.” What I couldn’t have imagined was just how rapidly this push would come.

Within days of forming the new Labor/Greens government Bob Brown (himself a homosexual) was championing two causes: the legalisation of euthanasia in the Northern Territory and the legalisation of homosexual “marriage” nationwide. A short time later the government determined that Federal MPs should canvas their elect-orates to learn their views on the matter.

It is vital that each one of us respond, for if we lose the battle to preserve marriage, we will surely learn firsthand that same-sex marriage is not a harmless eccentricity practiced by a few that has no impact on life in Australia. We will see that it is more like a wrecking ball that lays waste to the social structure of Australia.

Australia will experience the same sort of things that have already taken place in Massachusetts, where same-sex marriage was effectively legalised in November 2003:

  • the celebration of same-sex marriage in primary schools and high schools;
  • alterations to school curricula from kindergarten upward, where children will be read books that will indoctrinate them into believing that same-sex couples are just another variety of family (books like King and King, about two men who fall in love and marry each other, with a picture of them kissing);
  • the marginalisation and prosecution of parents who insist that they be notified when teachers are going to be discussing homosexuality;
  • judges who will dismiss lawsuits filed by concerned parents who object to the forced social engineering of their young children by reiterating that because same-sex marriage is legal, schools actually have an obligation to normalize homosexual relationships to children.*

Christians in Australia are already being marginalised. We are rapidly reaching a point where we are either going to have to be silent on our biblical convictions, or suffer the consequences, which will be severe. If same-sex marriage laws are passed, we can expect to see radical homosexuals, supported by the secular media, become even more brazen in their demands that Christians be silenced and Scripture censored.

What can you do?

Please contact your Federal MPs and Senators, either by phoning their offices, or writing to them, or emailing them. The names and contact details of all Federal MPs and Senators are listed on the internet

Briefly express in your own words why you are strongly opposed to same-sex “marriage”.By doing this, you can play a part in the preservation of traditional marriage.

*You can read an article about this entitled, “What same-sex ‘marriage’ has done to Massachusetts” by Brian Camenker, at

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