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Life Ministries was delighted to learn that “our” Professor Augusto Zimmermann, a regular contributor to Life News, has joined with three other Australian professors to nominate President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. This is President Trump’s third nomination for the upcoming Prize, the text of which is reproduced below:

We, David Flint, Augusto Zimmermann, Gabriël A. Moens and James Allan, Professors of Law and Citizens of the Commonwealth of Australia, have the honour and pleasure of nominating the world leader who, in our considered opinion, has done the most and the best work for the achievement of fraternity between the nations, for restraint in engaging in hostilities and the holding and promotion of negotiations between the powers for the attainment of peace, Donald John Trump, 45th President of the United States, to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. 

We come from a nation which has made a significant contribution in the defence of the freedom and liberty of other nations including those distant from our shores. In the world wars, as a percentage of the population, the Australian contribution has been among the largest of those countries distant from the major battlegrounds.

Our compatriots have paid a heavy price for this.

Accordingly, we are particularly conscious of the need for peace among the nations.

Against this background, we must especially recognize that President Trump has brought a refreshingly new approach to the quest for peace.

Both in his campaign and in office, he has denounced the pursuit of what he terms ‘unwinnable wars’. Accordingly, he is withdrawing American forces from across the world.

At the same time, he has seen the need to maintain American power, a nation above all dedicated to the pursuit of liberty, freedom and prosperity of all and a strong record of using her forces for deterrence rather than aggression.

He has thus maintained and enhanced the role of the United States as a particularly benign and benevolent power, the testimony of which may be seen in her extraordinary generosity to the defeated powers in the Second World War, and the fact that she made no restrictions or demands, financial or territorial, on them.

President Trump has presided over peace deals in the Middle East between Israel and United Arab Emirates and Bahrein. He has taken action to restrain and eliminate the activities of terrorists within the region.

In what will no doubt eventually be called the Trump Doctrine, his foreign policy has been based on restraint in military engagements, the rebuilding of American military power as a source of dissuasion against aggression and the adoption of alternative and refreshing approaches to achieving peace. Already remarkably successful, this is certain to produce enormous dividends. According to recent reports, up to nine other Middle Eastern countries are interested in joining the growing and radiating network of peace based on the treaty already signed.

In addition, there have been significant advances in maintaining peace in the Balkans through the treaty between Serbia and Kosovo. He has also calmed tensions in the Sea of Japan.

These are truly remarkable achievements during his term in office, a term so marked by significant internal events.

Therefore we, Professors of Law and Citizens of the Commonwealth of Australia, have the honour and the pleasure of nominating Donald John Trump, 45th President of the United States, to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

This 28th day of September 2020

Emeritus Professor David Flint AM
Professor Augusto Zimmermann
Emeritus Professor Gabriël A. Moens AM
Professor James Allan

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