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Five Islands Press has published a new collection of poetry by Andrew Lansdown. Titled Fontanelle, the book is Andrew’s first major collection in ten years. His last collection, Between Glances, published by William Hein-emann Australia, won the Adelaide Festival’s prestigious John Bray National Poetry Award in 1994.

In A Reader’s Guide to Contemporary Australian Poetry (University of Queensland Press), Geoff Page stated:

Lansdown is able to suggest very deftly and concisely the so-called “thisness” of things, especially things in nature …

Lansdown has a very sincere and direct way of handling poems about his immediate family which subtly suggests great tenderness without becoming sentimental …

Lansdown is one of the most assured of Australian poets working in the Imagist tradition … Over six books now he has written a considerable number of poems which are perfect examples of their kind. They have a descriptive exactness and a seeming spontaneity, combining to produce a text to which one can imagine no change being made without damage.

Andrew’s new collection, Fontanelle, consists of 112 pages of new poems, most of which have been previously published in newspapers, anthologies and literary magazines.

Fontanelle is available from Life Ministries (4/334 Wanneroo Road, Nollamara, WA 6061) for $20, postage included.

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