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This magazine has taken longer to prepare than initially anticipated. This is not because we have been lax. Andrew Lansdown has spent a great deal of time thoroughly revising The High King’s Watchmen, a pamphlet Life Ministries first printed and circulated in 1988.The first edition was well written, but by his own admission, the latest version is a vast improvement, not only in content, but also in presentation. We pray that the pamphlet will encourage Christians, at such a critical time as this, to seriously consider their obligations to warn the lost about the consequences of living without regard for God and his laws, and the blessings of finding forgiveness and peace in him.

And for the benefit of our readers in this edition of Life News, Andrew has written a companion article to The High King’s Watchmen entitled, “The ways of the watchman.” This excellent article provides many practical and insightful examples of how people who love the Lord can be “watchmen” today.

We also hope you will be encouraged by the article on the recently held
17thAnnual Walk and Rally for Life. As you can appreciate, a great deal of planning and work goes into making these rallies successful. In the late 1980s I was a co-founder of the Coalition for the Defence of Human Life and have been privileged to serve as its president for many years.My service has been made possible because Life Ministries’ board supported the assistance that Andrew and I have given to the coalition, and because Christians like you who receive our publications have prayed for and generously supported the work of Life Ministries.

In addition to our own extensive contributions to this magazine, in his role as Editor, Andrew Lansdown has always endeavoured to include some of the very best articles written by highly regarded Christian leaders and authors like David van Gend, Hal Colebatch and Bill Muehlenberg. Each edition of Life News, and each pamphlet, represents a labour of love from us to you. In fact, there is an extra dollop of love in this edition, as for the first time in the history of Life Ministries, we have expanded this edition to 16 pages! We hope you will be blessed by every article!

Your prayers and continuing support are needed.

As we approach the end of the financial year, may I please urge you, if you are in a position to do so, to consider sending a gift to Life Ministries as our finances are seriously depleted? Ours is a faith ministry that is entirely dependent upon the generosity of God’s people to supply our ongoing needs. We wish we could inform you that a gift to Life Ministries is tax deductible, but unfortunately it is not.Your gift will be given out of your love for this ministry and the generosity of your heart. Information about giving is contained on page 16 of this magazine and an envelope is enclosed for your convenience.

Thank you so much for your ongoing partnership with us.

God bless you,

Dwight Randall, Director

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