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In the past two days two prominent Labor personalities have come out crystal clear on the idiocy of Labor’s move to the loony left, and its subservience to the Greens on issues like same-sex marriage. Both have guts, common sense, and a strong moral compass. I just wish many more of our leaders – including church leaders – would be like this.

Yesterday in the Australian former heavyweight Labor leader Barry Cohen blasted his own party for their reckless direction and their dereliction of duty. The former Hawke Government minister pulled no punches when he stated that a “tsunami-sized backlash on same-sex marriage looms”.

He said in part: “Anyone wondering why the Labor Party is having a lean time need only to have watched the federal conference to understand why. With the world on the brink of another global financial crisis, the representatives of the workers decided that the issue of the day was whether Bruce and Bob or Barbara and Betty could marry. I tried to imagine the reactions of John Curtin, Ben Chifley or Arthur Calwell. I doubt they would have been impressed.”

He continued, “I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman – full-stop. Neither my first lady nor I will budge on this and we will vote accordingly. Why? Because we believe that marriage as now defined is the basis for family life and has been for thousands of years. We want it to remain so.

“We are told everyone has the ‘right’ to marry whomsoever they wish. In fact, the ‘progressives’, as they like to describe themselves, seem to believe that they have a ‘right’ to do whatever they wish. Rights apply only to them. Does anyone have a right to have sexual relations with a 13 year old? Not when I last looked. How about polygamy and four wives or husbands. Not now, but give the “progressives” time and I have no doubt it will be proclaimed as another ‘right’. We don’t want to discriminate, do we? I could continue to list many other examples, but I’m sure you discern my drift.

“Moving forwards, as the ‘progressives’ like to say, let us ponder for a moment how human rights will affect our education system. How long will it be before the ‘progressives’ insist sex education be expanded to incorporate the glories of homosexuality and how to imbibe safely. Some will say, ‘Oh, that’s going too far.’ Some will, but others will demand it.

“Imagine dad’s reaction when little Johnny describes in graphic detail what happened in his sex education class. Choke is the word that comes to mind. Once heterosexuality and homosexuality are considered ‘natural’, how can it be otherwise?”

Quite right Barry. He concludes in this fashion: “They are in for the shock of their lives. Wait until mainstream Australians grasp the full implications of the changes they propose, particularly when you have the likes of the loveable senator Doug Cameron leading the charge. He’ll turn off half the population on his own.

“Sadly, instead of concentrating on the issues that concern the average Australian, delegates devoted the conference to gay marriage and uranium sales to India. You can imagine how impressed the workers of the outer suburbs of our major cities were. Expect a backlash of tsunami proportions. Let the battle begin.”

He is not alone. The sister of Kevin Rudd, Loree, has put her money where her mouth is and has actually quit the Labor Party. As reported in today’s Age: “Kevin Rudd’s sister has quit the Australian Labor Party, saying she cannot back a party that supports ‘homosexuals marrying’. Loree Rudd, 61, said she sent the letter to her Nambour branch last week after a policy shift at the ALP National Conference on December 3.

“Delegates voted to change the party policy from opposing to supporting gay marriage, with Labor MPs and senators granted a conscience vote when a bill is considered in parliament. ‘I knew I didn’t want to stay in a party if that was their stand,’ she said. ‘It’s not something I believe in and it’s also the way it happened that I dislike. I no longer liked the direction the Labor Party was going at state or federal level and I couldn’t work for a party that had endorsed homosexuals marrying’.”

She had earlier released a press statement when the homosexual Civil Union Bill passed the Queensland Parliament. It said in part: “I care deeply about the future of the ALP, the church and society. Earlier this year I highlighted the force of intimidation aimed at those who spoke out against homosexual marriage.  We are speaking out … because God’s laws of love demand it – for Labor and all political parties, for our nation and her people.

“Any political party that dismantles the laws of God will receive correction.  Any church that fails to proclaim the laws of God will likewise receive correction.  It is much easier for church and state to work together for the benefit of all.

“Jesus commanded us to love God and love one another. When we are breaking God’s laws we aren’t loving ourselves, let alone anyone else. Jesus came to set us free from sin and give us the Holy Spirit to enable us to live holy, happy lives.”

It is a real pity her brother does not have the same solid Christian conviction and backbone. He seems to be in an altogether different league from his sister. It’s a real pity really. Barry and Loree should be running our country, not Julia and Kevin (and Bob).

And there is good news today out of the Opposition camp. Tony Abbott has declared that there will not be a conscience vote on this issue. As reported in the media: “The shadow cabinet resolved yesterday to back Mr Abbott by not changing Coalition policy and to not allow a conscience vote when the matter comes before Parliament next year. It is understood there was robust discussion in yesterday’s meeting with up to seven shadow ministers speaking in support of a conscience vote.

“On Sunday, Mr Abbott killed off any prospect of a conscience vote and stressed he would not approve of people crossing the floor, even though it was their right. He said the Coalition promised before the last election to continue to oppose gay marriage and all his MPs should remember that, regardless of their personal views.”

Of course this is not to suggest that things are all sweetness and light in the Coalition. There are turncoats like Turnbull, and a handful of other small-l liberals who might as well join the Labor Party. But fortunately Tony has the courage of his convictions and will not be ratting out on the Australian people as Julia has done.

All three individuals are of course coming under a huge and ugly attack by the militant gaystapo. One simply has to read the poisonous and hate-drenched comments under the Age article for example to see the real demonic rage which emanates from this camp.

So I encourage all of you to support these three courageous and principled individuals. They certainly need our support at this time. They deserve heaps of praise, especially considering that most of our church leaders and celebrity pastors are not saying a word on this. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Most of these leaders who claim to be Christians are far too concerned about raking in the praises of men (and raking in their members’ hard-earned bucks). They should be shouting from the roof tops and their pulpits what God’s design for human sexuality and marriage is all about.

Instead, most remain silent – deathly silent. They are gutless wonder who will face the music one day. As Alan Sears has written recently, “It doesn’t take courage to ride the wave of support for same-sex ‘marriage.’ It takes courage to stand against the surging tide.”

And as A.A. Hodge once said, “It is easier to find a score of men wise enough to discover the truth than to find one intrepid enough, in the face of opposition, to stand up for it”. Or as Leonard Ravenhill put it, “God-centered men are the need of this hour, not men who want power to strut, nor power to call the world’s attention to their ‘great’ ministries. We need God-endued men whom hell fears.”

Barry Cohen, Loree Rudd and Tony Abbott have taken a stand for what is right and what is true. Will you?

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