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Here is a news story which should be on the front page of every single newspaper in the country and the top item of every TV or radio news broadcast. Instead, it is buried pretty far down in both, and is reported only sporadically and half-heartedly.

That is because it involves two things which sadly can often go together – but things which the mainstream media usually refuses to be honest about. Our mainstream media outlets are dominated by homosexuals and those who are sympathetic to homosexuals, so they are reluctant to report on anything other than absolutely positive coverage of all things homosexual.

Australian mainstream media, like that in most of the West, is now nearly 100 per cent supportive of the homosexual agenda, with dissenting points of view very seldom heard. So successful have a tiny band of homosexual militants been in bullying and intimidating the media, that just about the only news you will hear from them is that which furthers the homosexual cause.

Of course some stories are almost impossible not to report, even if they do cast a negative light on homosexuality. Thus the mainstream must resort to spin, euphemisms, or gingerly sharing the information. This major story breaking today is a good case in point.

It has not made big headlines, topped page one, or led the news broadcasts. Yet it really is one of the most horrific stories you will hear. A homosexual couple from Queensland bought a baby boy and sexually abused him, mainly from the years 2 to 6. The toddler was even shared around on paedophile networks by these homosexuals. One account of the story begins like this:

“An Australian man who bought a baby boy for $US8000 ($8600) with his partner, sexually abused the child and handed him to other paedophiles to molest, has been sentenced to 40 years’ prison in the US. Judge Sarah Evans Barker, while sentencing the 42-year-old in the US District Court in Indianapolis on Friday, said he deserved a harsher punishment but accepted the plea deal because she did not want to subject jurors to the disturbing evidence.

“Prosecutors discovered videos and photos of the man, his domestic partner, also an Australian, and other men in Australia, the US, Germany and France abusing the child from the age of two to six. ‘For more than one year and across three continents, these men submitted this young child to some of the most heinous acts of exploitation that this office has ever seen,’ Indiana US attorney Joe Hogsett said after the sentencing….

“The court heard the two men, who had been living in California, bought the newborn boy for $US8000 in an undisclosed country and used falsified documents in Los Angeles in an attempt to adopt him. The boy was rescued by US authorities. He is being cared for in California.

“It is believed the men were identified last year as a Queensland couple. One of the men wrote to a gay community organisation in Queensland, complaining about being victimised by US authorities for being gay. ‘Our son is our reason for living but we have no choice left but to give him up for adoption,’ he wrote.”

A similar account from the ABC adds a few more details about the case: “The child abuse was so horrific the judge refused to put the case to a jury. . . . Police say the boy, now eight, had been living with the men in Cairns for several years when, in 2011, New Zealand authorities discovered that the boy had been used in child pornography.

“Queensland police raided the couple’s house in 2011, just after the men and the boy had left for the US. Police seized computers, electronic equipment and documents that uncovered high-definition video and images of child exploitation.”

Several things must be noted here. As mentioned, while some of the mainstream media did run with the story, the media has been very squeamish to openly state what was actually going on here: homosexual paedophilia. Sadly we know that even though homosexuals are such a very small part of the general population, they have a substantial degree of involvement in child sexual abuse.

I document that very carefully in my book Strained Relations. But of course the mainstream media does not want to go anywhere near this topic. So the reader is often left to put two and two together where possible. And to see what gross hypocrisy we are getting from the mainstream media, simply imagine what the media coverage would have been like if one detail in this case differed.

Instead of having homosexual paedophiles, just think if it was a Christian couple – heterosexual – who was caught doing this horrific abuse. The headlines would be massive. Every newspaper in the country would run with it as its major front page story, while every news and radio newscast would have it as the lead story.

But here we have the inconvenient truth that the paedophilia was homosexual-based. Thus the story must get very limited coverage, if at all. If it were a Christian crime, we would see that word “Christian” used plenty of times even in a short article.

And we would see all the editorials and opinion pieces blasting Christians and Christianity for this. But no such editorials will be forthcoming from the mainstream media warning about the inherent dangers of homosexuality in this regard. So once again the alternative media has to run with the story since the mainstream media is often playing ideological games.

Thankfully most homosexuals are not involved in such activities. But sadly enough are that we must continue to sound the alarm here.

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