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With this issue of Life News, Life Ministries is pleased to offer a copy of the pamphlet, Becoming a Christian. This is the third reprinting of this gospel pamphlet, this time in full colour.

Becoming a Christian by Andrew Lansdown is a concise but comprehensive overview of the why and the how of becoming a Christian. Validating all that is said with salient quotations from the Bible, the pamphlet sets out our dilemma as sinners, God solution in Christ, our need to respond by faith, God’s blessings to the convert, and the convert’s responsibilities to live out the new life he or she has received.

Many individuals and churches have used this pamphlet over the years to evangelise the lost and/or to educate the newly converted. We offer this reprint of Becoming a Christian in the hope that our fellow-Christians will continue to use it to help people understand and believe the gospel, to the glory of God and the good of their own souls.

Copies of Becoming a Christian are available from Life Ministries at the following prices:

4 – $2.00 (post paid in Western Australia – payment in 50c stamps is acceptable)

100 – $29 (post paid in Western Australia)

1,000 – $185 (post paid in Western Australia)

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