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The anti-euthanasia rally, Care: Not Killing, organised by the Coalition for the Defence of Human Life at Parliament House on Wednesday, 4th September was a great success.

Rev Peter Abetz, former WA Liberal MP and WA Australian Christian Lobby director, chaired the rally.

At least twice as many people attended the rally compared to the pro-euthanasia rally held the day before. While the pro-euthanasia Go Gentle rally featured slick marketing and provided picture-perfect photo-opportunities for the Premier and Health Minister, Wednesday’s ‘Care: Not Killing’ rally trumped them on numbers, drawing an estimated 1,000 – 1,200 people compared to Go Gentle’s 600.

High attendance and midday timing successfully generated good media coverage, although only one report acknowledged that attendance was higher, with The ABC exposing its bias by using the phrase “several hundred” for both rallies. Multiple television networks aired footage of the rally on their evening bulletins.

The keynote speaker was Canadian Kevin Dunn, producer of the films ‘Fatal Flaws’ and ‘The Euthanasia Deception’. He urged the Government to ’press the pause button.’ “While only one in three people who need a palliative care specialist can access one, what choice are we giving people? Substandard care or assisted suicide? That is not a fair choice!” Mr Dunn said.

Other speakers who addressed the rally include Lou Angus, a nurse practitioner with 30 years’ experience working in palliative care; Dr Anil Tandon, a Perth palliative care specialist; and Samantha Connor, who spoke from her wheelchair, saying that disabled people are often told by others they have “no quality of life”, and they are concerned that others will make decisions for them. 

John Gilmour QC was the final speaker, highlighting the profound impact physician assisted suicide laws have on all of society.

Source: APRA. Dwight Randall is the President of the Coalition, and Andrew Lansdown also serves on the board.

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