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Over the past 12 months, the Coalition for the Defence of Human Life has been practically and financially supporting the establishment of the LifeChoice movement of university based pro-life groups here in WA. Below is an edited speech given by Isabelle Lindsey, WA representative of Life Choice Australia at the 2018 Rally for Life.

I’ve been invited to introduce the pro-life group LifeChoice to Perth. Some of you know who we are, but I imagine that most of you don’t. So as a formal introduction, LifeChoice is a student based pro-life group. We aim to start pro-life groups at universities around Australia. We aim to promote the dignity of human life from conception until natural death through reasonable and informed discussion on abortion and euthanasia.

Many of us here tonight are university students and there’s a huge space now in universities for the pro-life movement to flourish. It’s easier to encourage discussion and debate on university campuses than it is in most workplaces so this is a great environment to challenge the status quo. People attend university for years so this is a great opportunity to interact with the same people over a number of years.

Perhaps the most important reason we need a pro-life presence on our university campuses is because there are so many pregnant university women who fall into the trap of believing the lie that having a baby in their current situation is incompatible with happiness. We need to be the last lifeline offering them hope and support when no-one else will.

So I really encourage all you university students to consider becoming involved with LifeChoice, and be a positive voice for life in our culture! Email


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