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The Abortion Law Reform Bill 2008 passed the Victorian Upper House on Friday 10 October 2008.

This effectively allows abortion through to term by any method for any reason.

All amendments failed, including the one to take out the clause eliminating the right of doctors to exercise a conscientious objection. Under this bill doctors who conscientiously object to abortion must refer an abortion-seeking patient on to a doctor whom they know has no such objection. To my knowledge this is a world first.

Words like unbelievable, incomprehensible come to mind.  How can any government, anywhere, say that a doctor must cooperate in something that is against his conscience—especially when this involves killing?

If charged and found guilty (no other verdict would be possible under this law) then doctors would be un-registrable because they have broken the law and un-insurable and so forced out of practice.  Catholic hospitals will need to close gynaecological services.

Partial birth abortion—illegal in USA—is legal here.

Make no mistake—evil forces are at work in our nation.

Lachlan Dunjey is a medical practitioner and committed pro-life campaigner. His website is Choose Life Australia –
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