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Yet another report has emerged of the dangerous consequences of legal euthanasia, combined with flawed medical ethics. A Swiss doctor, working for the euthanasia group “Dignitas”, committed suicide not long after learning that a German woman to whom he recently administered a lethal injection had not been terminally ill, as he was led to believe, but merely depressed.

It appears that the woman requested a false report from her GP because she needed it to get sick leave from her employment. The report, which stated that she was suffering from a terminal liver disease, was then used to request the assistance of Dignitas to end her life.

As a result, two people are needlessly dead and many family members devastated. The GP that provided the false report will probably face prosecution and is presumably sorry for his dishonesty.

Giving people the “right to end their life with dignity”? It just doesn’t seem to be that simple.

Reprinted by permission from The Briefing (No. 329). For more information about The Briefing and other publications by Matthias Media, phone 1800 814 360 (Freecall) or visit
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