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On Thursday, May 31 the West Australian newspaper published an article entitled “State Government to argue for abortion clinic exclusion zones in the High Court”. Unsurprisingly, it failed to include any positive discussion of the work of those who keep vigils outside abortion facilities. In response, Dwight Randall, Director of Life Ministries, wrote the following (unpublished) letter to the editor:Dear Sir,

Re: “State Government to argue for abortion clinic exclusion zones in the High Court”, West, 31 May 2018.

The WA Labor Government seems to have a morbid fascination with death—both at the beginning and the end of human life.

Almost exactly 20 years ago Labor MLC Cheryl Davenport’s private member’s bill became law and legalised abortion for any reason up to 20 weeks, and for certain reasons beyond that. Since then 165,000 unborn children have been deprived of life in WA.

But it seems this is not enough!  Now the WA Labor government is determined to deprive unborn children of one last glimmer of hope, a chance being offered by compassionate people who pray quietly in front of abortion facilities, hoping some women—perhaps those who have been pressured to abort—may reconsider, thus sparing themselves regret and guilt, and giving their baby life.

Indeed, many have changed their minds because these people cared enough to face scorn by their presence at an abortion facility. But this shouldn’t happen, should it, under the watch of a government that has a fascination with death and doesn’t want even a single woman to change her mind, or an abortion mill to lose a single paying client!

Sadly, it is not only the unborn that are in the sights of the government. So are the elderly and frail. Rather than protecting and valuing each life as infinitely precious—which is the true duty of government—this Labor government (with some shining exceptions) seems determined to introduce euthanasia legislation that will inevitably morph from killing those who ask for it, to those who do not, from the terminally ill to the mentally ill and elderly, and from a “right” to die to a “duty” to die.

The citizens of this state should be gravely concerned about the McGowan Labor Government’s fascination with death, and its determination to silence freedom of speech.


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