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Since abortion was legalised in Western Australia in 1998, over 100,000 babies have been killed in the womb in this state.  Abortion is currently permitted here up to 20 weeks gestation for any reason whatsoever, and beyond 20 weeks in limited circumstances.In 2011 another 8,000 unborn Western Australian children will be killed unless Christians pray and act now.

The state cannot be expected to defend the rights of the unborn if the Church does not.

40 Days for Life is a focused pro-life campaign with a vision to mobilise Christians to pray for an end to abortion in Australia, recognising that we have an obligation to bring the Kingdom of God into this and every sphere of our society.It unashamedly declares that abortion is an injustice not only against the unborn, but also against women – many of whom are railroaded or duped into a ‘choice’ that they would never have made had they really had a choice at all, or been informed of the true nature of the life within them and the likely consequences in themselves of ending that life.

The 40 Days for Life campaign consists of three simple components to be carried out over the same 40 day period in over 200 cities worldwide:

  1. focused prayer and fasting
  2. a continuous peaceful prayerful vigil outside a selected abortion facility; and
  3. specific community outreach activities.

In 6 global campaigns to date, amazing results have already been achieved.These include 2,811 (documented) lives saved, 35 abortion workers converted and 5 abortion clinics permanently closed.We are believing for similar outcomes here in Perth.Although 40 Days for Life has previously run in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane, this will be the first time it has come to WA.You can become involved by beginning to pray now right where you are, or visit our websites for more specific information about participating in an event or vigil.

To learn how you can play an immediate and effective role in the abolition of abortion in Australia, visit the 40 Days for Life site online at

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